"Leo's quote"
"I'm a 'dirt under the fingernails' type of engineer. I try to create solutions from what's there. I'm not afraid to come up with an idea no one has ever done before. I'm not afraid to make decisions when they need to be made."
e-mail: Darryl Anderson, PE, PLS
Ryan Conn - Technician
e-mail: Ryan Conn
17681 Highway 395 North
Lakeview, Oregon 97630
tel: 541-947-4407
fax: 541-947-2321

John Harms - CAD Technician
e-mail: John Harms
"We enjoy getting to know our clients and try to do the best job we can for them. My job has a lot of variety, I enjoy that, too."
e-mail: Barbara Thompson
"AES does a lot of community and municipal projects that make the places we live a little better. I really enjoy the opportunity to help our clients improve their communities."
e-mail: Carmen Tague
"We believe in honesty and service to our clients at all times. Being a smaller firm we can give our clients small town service, but we have the knowledge to give them innovative and creative solutions to their problems."
e-mail: Juanita Anderson

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